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The world's most exciting outdoor participation game, now in Kerala!

About Paintball:

Paintball is a training game in which a battlefield scenario is simulated. The settings of each game may differ substantially depending on the location, number and profile of players, and the training objectives. Whatever be the setting, the common element for all games is the need to strategize and plan, and implement effective practices. The game requires the players to eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a "paintball"), usually shot from a carbon dioxide powered paintball gun (or marker).

About the Game: 

We organize Speedball, a general term for a game in which the playing field is composed of bunkers and obstacles, of the same location and number on each side of the field, that provide an equal playing field for each team competing. It was created in this way to give a better format for competitive paintball, both in playing and viewing the games.

The game we will play is called Capture the Flag. The objective of each team is to Capture the opponent team’s flag and bring it back to their base without being shot down.


We have a permanent Paintball Adventure Zone called GROUND ZERO at Kochi. The adventure park is located at Kakkanad less than 3 Kilometers from Info Park on the Wonder la amusement park route. The park has a full fledge permanent obstacle course and we can organize games at any time of the day. The games can be organized for groups and also individuals can join the scheduled game.

We can also organize the game anywhere in Kerala, as long as the basic requirement for the game is met. Kindly contact us for more details about exclusive events.

How to Book : 

For groups and individual bookings, you can contact us directly. Kindly join us on facebook and twitter for regular updates on the scheduled events.


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